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আজ ১৬/০২/২০১৬ এর The Daily Star পত্রিকার Editorial এর গুরুত্বপূর্ণ শব্দগুলোর অর্থ এবং Synonym

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The Daily star Editorial : 16-02-16

প্রথমে শব্দার্থগুলো পড়ে নিন

Barbarism:বর্বরতা (Beastliness)
Now:এখন, অবস্থা
Vulnerable: অরক্ষিত (Defenceless)
Attest:প্রত্যায়ন করা, সাক্ষ্য দেয়া
Grownup:সাবালক, বয়স্ক।
Haunt: হানা দেয়, আধার
Malaise:অস্বাচ্ছন্দ্য বোধ
Eliminate : বাদ দেয়া, পরিত্যাগ করা
Inhumanly :অমানবিকভাবে
Extract:নির্যাস, জোরপূর্বক আদায় করা।
Fabric: গঠন
Circumvent: পরিবেষ্টন করা, ফাঁদে ফেলা
Shaming:লজ্জিত করান

Barbarism against children continues

Society must rise against this now

Barbaric treatment of children, the most vulnerable group in society, has become a dangerous trend these days; the horrific beating of two young boys for being suspected of stealing a mobile, attests to this.The terrifying murders of Rajon and Rakib, both children mercilessly tortured to death by grownups, continue to haunt us. The fact that two of the assaulters of this case, were members of security and law enforcement agencies, makes this all the more reprehensible for if the protectors of law become ruthless torturers of children, what hope have we that this malaise will be eliminated?

The two children were picked up and inhumanly beaten in order to extract a confession to the theft. A video footage, uploaded in social media, that shows the two members of security forces taking part in the beating, helped to make the incident public. We can only wonder how many other children are victims of such violence everyday and have to suffer in silence.

This despicable trend displays degeneration in moral values and a rise in brutalisation that is extremely toxic to the very fabric of society. It is therefore crucial that the legal system must circumvent all elements that may put such cases in the backburner. The society moreover, must rise against this evil that threatens the lives of our children. Mass awareness regarding child rights and public shaming of these acts of brutality, have to be initiated and carried out all over the country.

****নিজের সুবিধামতো সময়ে পড়তে টাইমলাইনে শেয়ার করে রাখুন। প্রতিদিনের update পেতে আমাদের পেইজে  লাইক দিতে ভুলবেন না কিন্তু।****

শেয়ার করুন
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